Made In South Africa

Home-grown digital services can support the country and expand SA’s reach to international markets. How is this sector faring?

STEFAN VAN DE GIESSEN, Networks Unlimited Africa

A committed relationship

 Providing partner support during the pandemic highlights the companies that pay attention to people and the future.

Annus horribilis

As companies look to contain costs, it’s the IT services industry that will likely bear the brunt.

Time to refocus

In a wide-ranging interview, Gonzalo Usandizaga, the Micro Focus channel chief, says it’s refocused and rationalised its business after some years of turbulence. It has a unique mix of legacy and newer technology, or, as he likes to say, it’s the ‘glue between the old and the new’. 

DOUG HUNTER, Syspro Africa

Covid-19: Delay, dust and debt

The impact of the coronavirus has yet to be fully felt as the supply chain struggles to find stock and customers.