South Africa’s cloudy outlook

Despite much attention from the ICT industry, cloud adoption in the local market has been slow, but is that now changing? 


Getting into cloud

Your slice of the pie in the sky – a value-added reseller’s cloud-selling primer.

Reseller revamp needed for cloud opportunity

Growing interest in cloud computing services and product s will greatly impact local IT resellers. Old business models and sales pitches will have to be abandoned. Even resellers that shun cloud sales will need to relook at how they do business.

Countering the challenges to cloud adoption

While the benefits of cloud adoption are well known and much talked about, there remains a range of resistance points that cause clients to think twice about moving in this direction. Of course, a good business understands that any challenge also presents an opportunity. With this in mind, The Margin asked well placed experts at four of the biggest local IT players the following question: “What are the challenges and client resistance points to cloud adoption, and how can these be countered and turned into opportunities?”   

Tony and Debbie Abrahall, First Distribution

Banking on cloud

A focus on cloud is a key part of First Distribution’s strategy.