Printing and Imaging

David Rozzio, HP Inc (Karolina Komendera)

Not a copycat

Despite the industry call to arms to digitise everything, the print industry may not be pushed to the sidelines as quickly as the digital transformation gurus would have us believe.

Has 3D printing lost its mojo?

Service in the 3rd dimension

Has the hype that surrounds 3D printing died a desperately expensive death, or is the 'as a service' model swooping in to its successful rescue?

LG 360 Cam

Get the full picture

The Margin focuses on four 360-degree cameras. Get an overview of the individual pros and cons, and ultimately, which models should you stock up on?

Power to create

With print quality going up and device prices going down, 3D printers are steadily gaining popularity. Which model should you stock?